If you are a veteran or a spouse of a deceased veteran, call 817-546-4460 to schedule your free phone consultation with an attorney.


Under the leadership of President Terry Tottenham, The State Bar of Texas has established a statewide program of free legal clinics for Texas veterans and the spouses of deceased veterans.  Volunteer attorneys across Texas are providing veterans free legal advice in local bar clinics and, in cases of financial need, representing veterans without charge.


Develop a coordinated pro-bono network of lawyers and volunteers to assist veterans who otherwise could not afford counsel through the development of legal clinics and a pro-bono attorney network.


  • Develop legal clinics to provide legal consultation in diverse areas of law to veterans and their widows/widowers
  • Develop a network of attorneys willing to take at least one pro-bono case a year for a veteran or their widow/widower
  • Compile a list of additional State and Local resouces that could assist Veterans and their families
  • Develop a collaboration between the legal communities in the 16 counties served by the VA Outpatient Clinic in Fort Worth to be able to provide referrals and other resources to the veterans that need assistance in those counties.
  • Work with the Veterans Administration, state, county and city agencies as well as non-profit organizations to disseminate the information about the legal clinics.