How does a TLTV legal clinic work?

First make an appointment

For our in-person clinics, limited walk in spaces are available. Reserve your spot by calling 817-546-4460 and leaving a voicemail. TLTV will call you back to complete the intake and schedule your appointment. You’ll be required to provide proof of veteran status. Your social security number does not need to be provided when applying.

Meet with the attorney

First you’ll speak with an intake worker via phone and/or in person. Whether it’s an in-person clinic or a phone consultation, you’ll be speaking with the attorney for about 30 minutes. 

Receive case updates via mail and phone

You’ll receive an email within about a month letting you know if you are income eligible and if we are able to provide you further assistance with your case. If your case is accepted, we will keep in touch to get the latest information on your case.